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UV Site Cured Technology

UV Flooring Technology by Antique Floors.

Traditionally when refinishing floors with waterborne finish, we start by sanding down to bare wood and immediately seal or stain and seal the floor.  As the sealer coat or coats dry, what happens is what we call grain-raise, texture caused by movement between the springgrain and summerwood when exposed to the water or alcohol which are the thinning agents in our fastest drying sealers.  We then smooth the dry sealed floor using inter-coat abrasion pads and extra fine paper prior to applying our finish coats.  Most water borne finishes are dry to the touch in hours and only allow two coats in one day as the curing period of the previous costs have finished the curing process.

On the last day, we have built up a dry but only partially cured floor.  As specified by the manufacturers, their commercial waterborne finishes typically have a 2-3 week cure time, a 3 hour shelf-life, and require hardeners or catalysts to speed the drying process and increase the finish's hardness.  With Radcoat, we have the same process except that after the finish coats dry, we come back to cure the finish with curing lights that are designed for UV coatings which contain photo-initiators and nano-molecules that harden and monolithically bond causing a near impermeable yet flexible surface over the floor upon exposure.  Our lights are the catalyst for the finish, not harmful fume emitting resins. The chemistry in this process is used similarly in other more progressive industries such as dentistry, printing, and automotive manufacturing.

As you may suspect, pre-finished floor manufacturers use this chemistry as well.  We feel strongly though that site sanded floors provide a higher level of craftsmanship not found in a prefinished product. Now with UV site-cured finishing, we have the durability of prefinished flooring coupled with the craftsmanship, durability, smooth texture only found on site sanded real wood floor.

As shown, we can roll this finish preferably over parquet, apply it with a teebar applicator, or synthetic pad just as we do with the traditional non-UV waterborne finishes.

This is an alcohol based de-waxed shellac sealer.  Shellfrogs the secretion from a particular beetle in southeast Asia, it is thinned with alcohol dewaxed and cures extremely fast.  As the denatured alcohol evaporates, the shellac leaves behind a highly permeable, amber colored even coat behind which is a great sealer coat compatible with most finishes.

Ultraviolet (UV) technology has been used for years by hardwood manufacturers to cure finishes in the factory. In fact, most pre-finished hardwood is made using this technology. RadCoat UV Finish utilizes the same technology to immediately cure the finish on the job site, in your home, office or sport flooring. The benefits are clear: your newly refinished floor is ready for traffic immediately! No more waiting one day to move the furniture back in, or up to a week before you can put back the rug. Using UV Finish your floor is ready in seconds!.

UV Finish truly is a game changer in the refinishing industry. Using revolutionary Ultraviolet Curing technology, the UV Finish is exposed to high levels of UV light, creating a photochemical reaction and cross-linking process (initiated by Photo Initiators in the finish) that hardens (cures) the liquid finish INSTANTLY!

In addition, because the finish is cured immediately, there are zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), making the most eco-friendly solution in the industry. A measure of less than 250 grams per liter is considered Low VOC or eco-friendly. A traditional oil-based finish contains up to 800grams per liter of harmful VOCs.

The unique 100% water-borne finish, together with a revolutionary mix of technologies, results in a finish that is:
Harder – UV Finish rates higher than any other finish for hardness (90/100 for Rocker Hardness, versus 64/100 for most pre-finished hardwood floor and 50/100 for a traditional site-finished hardwood floor); More Protected – UV Finish rates higher for scratch, scuff and Black Heel Mark resistance than any other finish, scoring almost twice as high as pre-finished hardwood; More Durable – UV Finish will last 2-3 times longer than any other finish, meaning you don’t have to refinish your floors again for a long time; More Stain Resistant – UV Finish rates higher than any other finish for chemical resistance, meaning it will perform better in protecting against stain. Restaurants – we come in after you close and your floors are completed and ready before you re-open no smell and 100% CURED. Residential – We move and reset your furniture. Completed in ONE DAY!

In some cases, the floors may be too far worn to screen and recoat. Another option which we provide is complete sanding and finishing. We have dust-free containment systems with our technique. With the RadCoat UV system you will not have to leave your home. Once we sand the floors completely, we use a finish system that dries quickly with low odor that you can walk on within an hour or two. Then we will use the RadCoat UV finish for a top coat and your floors will be ready to walk on 100% cured in minutes and with the toughest finish on the market, three times harder then any other finish. Furniture can be moved back onto the floors within minutes of the UV curing process. We can also provide the furniture removal for a fee if you desire.


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