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Antique Floors is a local Virginia company, headquartered in Richmond. Beside our superior knowledge and experience, it's our commitment to historical accuracy and our attention to detail that puts us a cut above. We use wood of the exact specie, grade, width and length that was used when colonial houses were first built. That's why we've been the contractor of choice to work with organizations like Colonial Williamsburg, Museum Resources and Restoration Builders of Virginia. Through our work we are able to recreate the look of colonial America.

Antique Floors specializes in recreating the look and feel of original wood floors in antique houses. By using methods and materials similar to those used when the house was built, we not only restore its aesthetic, but its integrity as well. These methods combines with modern techniques, result in a final product that's as beautiful as it is functional.

What if I don't have original floors? No worries, we also offer "new" antique floors that can be installed and finished. We have sustainable local flooring that has been recycled and milled locally. Antique Floors is one of the only "Class A" building contractors that specializes in wood floors. We offer the highest grade of service along with unsurpassed attention to detail. We are virtually the only flooring contractor able to manufacture our own parquet and flooring. We have the benefit of buying direct instead of going through a distributor. This makes us more efficient and saves our customers money. Antique Floors uses the most advanced techniques and processes from the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), to ensure you get quality that will last.

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